What To Do In A Water-Related Emergency

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What To Do In A Water-Related Emergency

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From time to time, properties will suffer from some kind of water-related emergency. This could be in the form of a burst pipe, a water leak or even the discovery of mould growth or structural damage. Not only can water leaks cause problems such as mould and structural damage but can also lead to other issues such as losing the ability to use certain areas such as a shower or toilet. Insects also tend to breed in rogue water which can bite and sting the inhabitants of the home. When an emergency arises, it is important not to panic. Although the initial reaction to a water leak or burst pipe may be to frantically run around and save all of the homes possessions, there are suitable steps that can be calmly taken when a situation arises. On the other hand, it is important to not leave a water issue or to opt for quick repairs. Some people love to grab some duct tape and attempt to block a leak themselves. Quick repairs can lead to severe and unnecessary complications which can easily be avoided by taking some sensible steps. This article will explain what to do in the case of a water-related emergency.

Step one: Turn off the water supply.

As soon as a water leak or bust pipe is spotted, instead of panicking, it is best to simply shut off the water supply. There is usually a tap that can be shut off on the outside of a property. This is the best step to take even if a leak isn’t too bad. It doesn’t take long for a leak to turn from bad to worse and nobody wants damp walls or stained floors. Even leaving the water supply on just overnight is enough to cause damage that could have been easily avoided.

Step two: Establish the damage as best you can.

Before calling a professional drain expert to attend the property, it is important to establish the damage. This way, the experts can bring the correct amount of team members and tools for the job. If it cannot be assessed, there is no need to worry as drain experts often carry professional equipment such as a CCTV drain camera which can accurately capture where the damage is located.

Step three: Call the experts.

Here at Sydneys Blocked Drains, we are available to call at any hour of the day. We created our emergency line because we know that issues don’t wait for the perfect time of day. Our 24-7 emergency line means that there is no reason to leave a leak until the morning. Our friendly staff are more than happy to provide a rough estimate of costs over the phone and can easily reach the property to locate and solve the issue. Our team are able to remove a blockage if necessary but can also repair a broken or leaking pipe with our no-dig pipe relining. This means that we put a resin inside a pipe, essentially making it brand new once again. We are also able to do a pipe clean with our high-pressure water jetter so you can feel safe knowing that your pipes are in the best condition possible. Calling the experts is the best thing to do when experiencing a water-related issue so you can have peace of mind knowing that your property and possessions are safe and water-free.

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