Pipe Relining Wollongong

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Pipe Relining Wollongong

Blocked or damaged drains in your backyard can not only cause extensive damage to your property, but can also endanger the health of your family. Stagnant water that builds in a broken drain pipe can harbour dangerous levels of bacteria and other harmful organisms. A blocked drain is an emergency that needs to be addressed quickly, so what do you do? The answer is pipe relining! Pipe relining involves the installation of a brand new pipe inside the old, existing structure, and it is a cost effective, clean and fast method of repairing your damaged drain without the need for invasive excavation. So for pipe relining in Wollongong and surrounding areas, don’t delay and call the team at Sydney Blocked Drains today.

So how does pipe relining work?

At Sydney Blocked Drains, we utilise a type of pipe relining known as “no dig” pipe relining. No dig pipe relining uses flexible and waterproof CCTV cameras to locate the damage or blockage in the pipe, without the need to dig right down to the pipe using an excavator. The new pipe is shaped and installed inside the new pipe, leaving the surface of the new pipe seam free and stronger than before. Traditional plumbing methods involve excavating all the way down to the damaged pipe, removing the damaged section and then replacing that section with new pipe. This method not only causes extensive damage to the surrounding area and tears up your entire backyard, but it is extremely time consuming. Don’t settle for second best – Sydney Blocked Drains provide the best pipe relining services right here in Wollongong, and we will travel to you.

How do we avoid harsh conditions damage?

Wollongong is a coastal city, with stunning ocean views and homes in close proximity to beaches and lake systems. This close proximity means that pipes in the local Wollongong area have to be built to withstand the harsh conditions coastal soil can create. Old backyard pipes in coastal areas are especially prone to damage caused by time, blockages and tree roots. Avoid damage and reinforce your home and backyard plumbing systems with pipe relining. Pipes that have been relined using our no dig technology are reinforced against damage caused by corrosion and root systems, and your home will be protected against the disaster of damaged drain systems for years and years to come
The plumbing team at Sydney Blocked Drains is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide rapid response pipe relining in Wollongong and the surrounding areas. With experienced tradespeople who take pride in everything that they do, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands. We hear horror stories on a daily basis about the damage that other inferior plumbing services have done to local Wollongong homes, and we want to promise that our team will get the job done properly each and every time, without all of the mess and inconvenience. Trust the experts today and contact us for an obligation free quote.



If you have a drainage problem, blockage or require a Drain Expert to diagnose your drain giving you the best solution, call Sydney Blocked Drains.


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