Pipe Relining Kenthurst

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Pipe Relining Kenthurst

If you are looking for pipe relining in Kenthurst, we at Sydney Blocked Drains & Pipe
Relining are more than able to help you.
When you are experiencing drainage issues, it is important to see to their resolution as soon as possible. A blocked or slow pipe will not resolve on its own and will only get worse if not addressed. Worse, delaying repairs can result in much more complicated and expensive issues in the long run.
If you have not had drain work done in many years, you may not realise that pipe relining is an option for repairing your broken pipes. In years gone by, pipe repairs were incredibly disruptive to your home, not to mention pricey. An errant tree root or blockage could cause an excruciatingly expensive repair bill very quickly. Sadly, entire driveways and gardens would have to ripped up for essential and urgent repairs. Digging is also disruptive to your neighbours and local pedestrians, who may have their access impeded. We are so proud to offer the new technique of pipe relining in Kenthurst, which will have your pipes working like new while having minimal impact on the appearance of your home.
Pipe relining involves applying a resin mixture to coat the inside of your existing pipes,
creating a new rigid pipe inside the old pipe. Therefore, any cracks on the old pipes will no longer cause problems for you. This process can be done with ease in all kinds of
complicated situations, once we have removed any blockages which have been identified using a camera to image where any problems may be located. Prior to inserting the resin mixture, we will clean out the pipes in question using a high pressure water jetter. This technique is strong enough to clear out tree roots which have gotten into your pipes. Once the resin is applied, it only takes three hours for the coating to dry and set. This means that you can use your house and plumbing as normal the same day that repairs are undertaken.
Typically, pipe relining will extend the lifetime of your pipes by decades. If you treat your pipes well, you could even get fifty years of use. We recommend this technique instead of full replacement, as it is appropriate for most situations. The benefits of pipe relining are twofold.
  • Firstly, it is a more economical solution than replacing pipes entirely.
  • Secondly – and this is what homeowners love most – there is no need to perform excavations on your property. Digging is time-consuming, unsightly, and causes irreparable damage to the appearance of your home.


At Sydney Blocked Drains & Pipe Relining, we are pleased to provide pipe relining in Kenthurst which will leave your property looking as we found it – the only difference is you now have drains working as new. Our techniques allow us to avoid digging, and we always take pains to remove any rubbish from your property and leave it in a neat state after you leave.

To obtain a quote for pipe relining in Kenthurst, you can reach Sydney Blocked Drains & Pipe Relining by phone on 1300 403 201, or by email at service@sydneysblockeddrains.com.au. The phone line is monitored 24 hours a day, so if you have a sudden plumbing emergency, we’ll be there to help. We look forward speaking with you about repairing your pipes.



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