Pipe Relining Northern Beaches

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Pipe Relining Northern Beaches

Sydney’s northern beaches refer to a collection of coastal suburbs on the north shore. The northern beaches are a beautiful area with many historical homes and buildings. However, these picturesque old buildings are unfortunately prone to plumbing issues caused by corroding, cracked and broken pipes.
Older homes have this charm that modern houses no longer have and much of the homeowners wish to maintain this reputation especially in the areas within Northern Beaches. Whenever we talk about the preservation of any old or historical buildings, one of the first things that comes to mind is making sure that the architecture and landscaping of the immediate area stays the same. But all the attention given above ground often leaves the hidden structures virtually forgotten and at the mercy of the elements. Underground pipes are some of the most neglected parts of the house that still require occasional preventive maintenance. Unfortunately, the presence of these fixtures is not often recognised until they are broken.
Fixing a broken pipe can be a very messy and invasive process, with plumbers on the job often damaging lawns, gardens and buildings in order to reach the affected area. Excavators are required to dig up to 2m deep in some circumstances to even reach the broken pipe! All of this damage is the last thing you’d want in a beautiful historic home, so how do you fix the problem without causing collateral damage? The answer is pipe relining from Sydney Blocked Drains.

So what is pipe relining?

Pipe relining is an advanced plumbing technique that involves inserting a new, stronger plastic pipe inside an old, broken or corroded pipe. By inserting a new pipe and reinforcing the existing structure, Sydney Blocked Drains remove the need to take the old pipe out of the ground first. This means that no large scale excavation is required to complete the job, leaving your home and gardens intact.
There must be some confused readers by now as introducing new and more durable plastic pipes in such inaccessible places without disturbing the surrounding area sounds impossible. But with the advent of electronics and advancement of practical chemistry, what seemed to be magic at first is now an effective and practical procedure called Pipe Relining.

How does pipe relining in the northern beaches work?

Sydney Blocked Drains specialises in using patented “no dig” pipe relining technology to fix broken or damaged pipes. Here’s how the process works:

  1. A CCTV drain camera is gently lowered into the pipe via a cable. This camera is used to identify the blockage or problem area of the drain or pipe.
  2. After the problem has been successfully identified and diagnosed, the pipe will then need to be completely cleared of any debris or tree roots. Our drain experts use super high pressure water jets to flush any obstructions out of the way before the repair process begins.
  3. Once the area is clear of any dirt or debris, the length of the pipe required is then measured and a new liner is cut to size. This new liner is coated generously in a super durable epoxy resin mixture to ensure the maximum strength of the new structure.
  4. This new coated liner is then inserted into the pipe and will cover the length of the section that needs to be repaired. The liner is inflated using a rubber bladder that will hold the liner in place as it dries, taking approximately 3 hours to set.
  5. The bladder is removed from the liner and the pipe, and the CCTV drain camera is lowered gently into the pipe a second time to ensure that the application of the new liner was successful.
  6. Congratulations! You now have a permanent and seamless fix to your broken pipe, which is now much stronger than the old and corroded pipe structure


So what are you waiting for? Call Sydney Blocked Drains for pipe relining services in the northern beaches that are effective, affordable and completed in a timely manner. Our expert plumbing team are standing by to help you today – don’t leave that broken pipe to cause any further issues to your home.



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