Blocked Drains Curl Curl

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Blocked Drains Curl Curl

Living in Sydney’s Northern suburb of Curl Curl means that you and your loved ones get to enjoy everything that living by the shoreside has to offer. Having the beach right by your own backyard is like having your very own piece of paradise most can only dream of. Everything in your home is just perfect, until you just wake up from your dream one day to realise that your home is still subject to one of the most infuriating problems homeowners unfortunately have to deal with at one point of their lives – Blocked Drains. It is an unneeded and most try to brush it aside for later attention. But blocked drains may result to more than stagnant water if neglected for an extended period of time. Having been exposed to all problems of the drains in all situations, our professionals at Sydney Blocked Drains know all too well what could possibly happen if blocked drains are left alone. Here is where we step in.
Sydney Blocked Drains is a team of professionals specialising in attending to all kinds of household drain complications, and that includes blocked drains. The problem of blocked drains almost always starts with symptoms that are barely noticeable. And when the blocked drain has been properly acknowledged, most homeowners do not consider the situation as an urgent case that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Further delay in the repairs of blocked drains can lead to water damage that spreads way beyond the confines of the drainpipes and can even have potentially have adverse effects on the health of the house’s inhabitants. As a homeowner, we understand that you are tempted to solve the problem yourself, but utilising crude procedures and guesswork may only aggravate the entire situation. Blocked drains do not always manifest during working hours, that is why we have our 24/7 emergency line that you can call. Our team members of highly skilled, knowledgeable, and well-equipped professionals are the kind of people that you need to deal with your drain problems. Upon arrival, we first determine the location and cause of the blocked drain. The drains can be blocked though various means and by various materials, and these need to be determined for a proper handling of the situation.

What has caused a blocked drain in Curl Curl homes?

Homes located in Curl Curl is exposed to mostly same causes of blocked drains as any homes in different location, with dirt and sand as the additional materials due to their proximity to the beach. The sand and dirt collect mostly though the flood drains, and tree roots invading the drains has been also observed to be one of the main causes of the blockage. The kitchen sink is a drain susceptible blockage through accumulated food scraps, and grease and oil that are washed down the sink, whether it is done unknowingly or deliberately. The toilet is also not safe from blockages as sanitary items like baby wipes are often flushed down the toilet. Even wipes labelled as “flushable” should not be thrown and flushed down the toilet as these materials still block the drains. Our team can easily determine any cause of the blocked drain using specialised equipment designed for drains. We have the CCTV Drain Camera that gives us a high-definition video of what is exactly hiding in the drainpipes. This equipment allows us to completely eliminate guesswork and makes planning for a solution much faster and more efficiently executed.

What happens after we discover the cause?

After the visual confirmation of the blockage using our CCTV Drain Camera, we can easily remove it with our High-Pressure Water Jetter. In the cases where drains are rusted, damaged, or eroded, we can “replace the pipes” through Pipe Relining, which is a special method that requires minimal to no digging within your property. No matter the situation, you can sit back and focus on what matters most. Our years of experience allows us to confidently handle all types of drain problems that are thrown our way. Our licensed, professional, and well-equipped team members are fully insured, with the quality of work guaranteed everytime.

So, if your property in Curl Curl is experiencing a blocked drain, feel free to contact our team at Sydney Blocked Drains to have the problem dealt with efficiently and effectively. Chat to one of our experts any time you like by calling 0488 812 174, by filling out our online contact form, or by sending us an enquiry to



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