Warning Signs of a Damaged Pipe

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Warning Signs of a Damaged Pipe

Damaged Pipe

Most of us have dealt with a blocked drain at one point or another. While not as common, damaged pipes can certainly cause more severe and costly destruction to your property, which is why it is important to know what the warning signs are. If left unattended, broken or damaged pipes can quickly turn into an expensive nightmare you will wish you had avoided by recognising the signs and doing preventative maintenance.

By knowing what to look out for, it is simple to get a drain expert in to conduct repairs that will save you much more time and money in the long run. Here are a few of the warning signs that you may have a damaged pipe on your hands.

Your Water Bill has Increased

An expensive water bill alone is enough of a nasty surprise, but it can also indicate that you have more major issues with your plumbing. Compare it to previous months, and if you find that your water bill is unusually high, it could be a sign that your pipes are leaking and you need to call a drain expert in to examine the problem.

Mould Formation

Mould will usually appear hand-in-hand with a very unpleasant sewer odour. You will most likely not need to be told to call a professional in if you see mould growing on your walls, as it is not only unsightly, but can also be potentially harmful to your family. Mould can start to form from damp spots within your home, so if you see a wet patch on the dry wall or ceiling, it is a good indication that a bigger problem is starting to form.

Persistent Blockages

Persistent blockages are a common sign of a damaged pipe. If you find that you experience blocked drains more than what would be considered normal, it is a good idea to get a drain expert in to have a look with their CCTV drain camera. While it could be a simple fix, they may discover that you have a more severe issue such as a tree root intrusion or a broken pipeline.

The Grass is Greener

This may be considered an odd warning sign, but if you see an extra green or lush patch of grass in your garden, it may be due to a leaking sewer line underground. The green grass results from the sewage acting as a fertiliser for vegetation and leakage from your pipes into the surrounding soil can create a dense patch of green grass. If you are unsure about this one, ask your drain expert to have a closer look.

The above are just some of the warning signs associated with damaged or leaking pipes. Having a professional drain expert on hand is important for preventative maintenance and saving you in both time and costly repairs before the damage escalates. At Sydney Blocked Drains, our team are all highly trained to deal with drain issues of all kinds, including damaged and broken pipes. Call us today for an obligation-quote on 1300 403 201.

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Damaged Pipe
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