Tips for deep cleaning your bathroom quickly and efficiently

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Tips for deep cleaning your bathroom quickly and efficiently

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For most of us, cleaning the bathroom is a less than ideal chore to do. But considering all that we put them through every single day, our showers, sinks, toilets and bathtubs should be given some extra care every so often, and these tips will guide you on the best practices to do so. Keep reading to find out how to rid your bathroom of germs and bacteria, so that every inch of it is left sparkling.

Cleaning the shower and tub

For showers curtains or liners, make sure that they are washed and dried often enough, as bacteria and mould can build up on them otherwise, especially with the excess moisture that they’re normally exposed to. For shower doors and screens, use an all-purpose bathroom cleaner, let it sit so that the product dissolves any soap scum, oils and other product build-up, and then scrub away the residue. To get the glass surfaces extra shiny, finish them off with a spray and wipe of a glass cleaner. This will leave your shower screens sparkling. To make things easier in the future, make it a habit to wipe the condensation from the glass surfaces after showering; this will help to prevent build-up of soap scum. Cleaning the bathtub is usually easier – spray it with a generous layer of all-purpose bathroom cleaner, let it soak, and then scrub it down. The cleaner will do most of the heavy lifting, meaning you won’t need to put much elbow grease into it afterwards.

Also, limit the bathroom’s humidity as much as you can, so try to open up a window where you can, for at least an hour a day. This reduction of moisture in the room will reduce any potential build-up of mould.

Cleaning sinks, vanity and mirrors

In most households, the bathroom sink will have the highest bacteria count – even higher than the toilet seat! So it’s extra essential to clean the countertops and sink often and thoroughly. For the sink and countertop, spray a cleaner onto the surfaces and use a clean cloth to wipe them down. Scrub down any stubborn spots using an abrasive or a soft-scrub cleaner, and don’t forget to give extra attention to the hard to reach spots like the space where the taps and the faucet meet the sink. Using a glass cleaner to wipe down the mirror will leave it looking brand new!

Cleaning the toilet

To start, pour some liquid toilet bowl cleaner into the bowl and let it soak. The label of the product itself will indicate how long you should let it soak for. In this time, the product will do its thing – it’ll kill germs and dissolve any deposit. After letting it sit, scrub away any hidden deposit using a toilet brush. If needed, use a pumice stone for more stubborn spots.

Don’t forget to clean the outside of the toilet, remembering to get to the hard to reach area behind the toilet as well. An all-purpose bathroom cleaner will get the job done for this area – wipe down the toilet rims, seat, lid, tank and the rest of the exterior with a clean cloth, or use a soft-scrub for any tough spots.

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Soap Dispenser
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