The Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains

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The Most Common Causes Of Blocked Drains


Families worldwide tend to forget what they throw down their drains, causing more trouble to their beloved homes without them realising it at the start. Most of the time, you accidentally pour down the drain liquids or throw other items that you think won’t block drains. You might have already been making this a terrible habit without even thinking about the long-term consequences it may cause.

Most common causes of blocked drains & how to solve them:

1. Nappies or sanitary products

You don’t want to experience what most parents with toddlers deal with when their toilets have been blocked with nappies or baby wipes. These products weren’t to be thrown into the toilets because they would easily cause blockages and cause a lot of stress to homeowners since nobody wants this kind of inconvenience in their lives.

A great way to avoid this is to use a strap to keep the toilet lid shut, which will keep out playful children. Another good way is to keep a bin in the toilet instead of flushing products down the loo.


2. Grease

It is essential not to throw grease down your kitchen sink because it is one of the leading causes of a blocked drain. Oil solidified down your pipes is a sight you don’t want to see every day because it will make your stomach churn. 

Properly disposing of your leftover cooking oil is a great way to avoid this. You could install a grease trap to avoid the accumulation of oils down your pipes. It is best to use a container to store used grease or oil and dispose of it in your regular garbage bin.


3. Eggs and coffee grounds

While eggs and coffee are a good match for anyone’s brekkie, their egg shells and coffee grounds should be disposed of properly. The egg shells, no matter how small, can cause more significant damage to your pipes since they could collect items that travel down your sink no matter how crushed the egg shells are. As for the coffee grounds, they stick together onto your pipes which causes a blockage that even running water couldn’t wash away. 

Using egg shells and coffee grounds as part of your compost bin; will prevent you from having blocked drains and help your plants thrive, which is even better for the planet.


4. Grains, seeds and other food ingredients

It is easy to throw small food particles like grains and seeds down the drain because you think it won’t cause any blockage to your drains. But you are wrong; these tiny things could lead to more significant problems for your drain because it takes time for them to decompose. 

Food ingredients like milk, flour, starchy foods and even those high-fibre foods are also reasons why blocked drains happen since you tend to forget that they aren’t for throwing down the drains. 

Unconsciously, discarding these items into your pipes creates a considerable build-up since they are either sticky or sludgy and even tangle debris longer in the pipes, making unclogging harder.

To avoid this troublesome experience, you need to dispose of these food articles properly in your garbage bin and remind everyone in your household, even your little ones, to do the same.


2. Hair Build-up

You can’t control hair fall whenever you take a shower; this fallen hair which causes hair build-up in your drain, is another reason for blockages. It is essential to use a mesh plug over the shower drain to catch the loose hair, and be sure to clear it out by throwing its contents away in your garbage bin.

These are some of the things your family is throwing down your drains. You need to be mindful of how to manage disposing of such items properly to prevent damaging and clogging your drains. 

If not, you will need a professional to clear your blocked drains. You can rely on the services of these well-trained professionals to help you with your blocked drain problems. You may also reach us at 1300 403 201

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