The five common items you should never flush

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The five common items you should never flush


The best solution to blocked plumbing is to never let it get blocked in the first place. Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable and not your fault if your pipes get blocked – for example, if a tree root breaks through. In many cases, though, blockages are caused by abusing your drains by flushing items which should never go down the drain. Here are five common items which you may be flushing – but should not.

A common culprit of drain blockages is flushable wipes. Despite the name, these definitely should not be flushed. Wipes of any kind – such as make up wipes, baby wipes, cleaning wipes, and yes, even flushable wipes – should always be disposed of in a waste basket, and never by flushing down the toilet.

Another common item you may be flushing – but should not! – is kitty litter. Some people clean out the litter box into the toilet. However, you may know that kitty litter clumps up when wet – this is by design, which becomes a flaw when flushed. If you flush large amounts of kitty litter, you will eventually have a problem which only a plumber can address.

Thirdly, never flush dental floss down the toilet. It may seem convenient, especially if you do not have a small bin in your bathroom, but it will be highly inconvenient in the long run if you get a blocked up drain. Dental floss can tangle with other matter, creating even more severe issues.

A fourth item which is often flushed, but should never be, is sanitary supplies. Pads and tampons should always be disposed of in the bin, though this is not always what happens. If these items are flushed, the water causes them to swell up. If this is repeated over time, it will cause a blockage which can only be fixed with the expert services of a plumber. This is just one reason why it is a good idea to have a small bin in your bathroom. Even if nobody in your household will need it, if you have guests over, you do not want them to be in a position where they may flush sanitary items because they are too embarrassed to ask for a bin. Also, a bathroom bin will avoid anyone flushing dental floss and other things which should not be flushed.

Finally, flushing unwanted pills is not a good idea. While this is often shown in movies, this behaviour should not be carried over into real life. Eventually, this ends up back in the water. Flushing unwanted or expired medications can wreak havoc on animals which live in the water. Generally, you can dispose of old medications by taking them to a pharmacy – they will then send the medications through the proper channels to be processed.

If it is too late for this advice and you are now dealing with a blocked drain, be sure to call us at Sydney Blocked Drains to investigate and fix the issue for you. We can be reached by phone on 1300 403 201. If your matter is not an urgent one, you may prefer to contact us through our website or by email and we will get back to you. We are available for call outs at all hours so we are able to deal with your emergency plumbing situation if need be.

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