Saving a water during heatwave

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Saving a water during heatwave

Heat Wave

We need our creature comforts when the weather heats up. However, you do not need to forget about water conservation just to get some relief during a heatwave. Read on for tips to be water wise during a spate of hot weather.


During a heatwave, get creative in the kitchen to cut down your water use – not to mention avoiding heating up the house with your cooking. Summer days are best suited to refreshing foods such as fruits, sandwiches, and cold cuts – nothing that takes a huge amount of water to prepare. If you are cooking, consider how you can be more efficient, such as by making one-pot meals. Not only do one-pot meals use less water in general, they also reduce the amount of dishes you have to wash. Also, consolidating your meal onto one burner instead of two will heat up your house less. Best of all, one-pot meals are often more flavoursome than their many potted counterparts.


Taking a cool shower on a hot summer day is one of life’s simple pleasures. Not to mention, in hotter weather you may find you need to shower more than you are used to. Showers are often the culprit of excessive water usage at home. However, there is a better way to save water while still enjoying the comfort of a cool shower. Replacing your regular showerheads with low-flow showerheads is a simple swap that saves a surprising amount of water. A low-flow showerhead can cut the water flow by more than half, yet with a well-designed and clean showerhead you will hardly notice the difference. This can help you cut your water usage – and therefore your water bills – year-round. Timing your showers is another great way to trim down your regular water usage.


Water saving during summer does not only take place inside the home. During a heatwave, you may make an effort to water your plants copiously, so they do not shrivel and die. However, a cleverly designed garden can avoid this problem. While grand English gardens may be beautiful, they are not well suited for the Australian climate. By cultivating native plants instead, you can enjoy a stunning garden that will not wither away in hot weather.


Running around under the sprinkler is a favourite pastime for kids and families during a heatwave. However, doing so excessively is a waste of water. Consider installing a low flow sprinkler, so you can enjoy your sprinkler experience with less guilt. A cheap clam pool can also be a fun alternative for young children to cool off.


For all your plumbing needs, remember to reach out to us at Sydney Blocked Drains. We can help you be more water-efficient at home, and can perform repairs on issues that may otherwise cause huge volumes of water to be lost. To book an appointment with us, call on 1300 403 201, or leave a message through our website enquiry form. We are also available outside of business hours for any pipe or water-related emergencies.


Saving a water during heatwave
Heat Wave
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