Preventing frozen pipes during winter

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Preventing frozen pipes during winter


When the temperature plummets to sub-zero conditions, the risk of your pipelines freezing and bursting significantly increases. Frozen pipes will inevitably prevent the water flow in the pipes, which can eventually lead to bursting, which can cause flooding and structural damage.

This happens because when the water inside the pipes freeze, the pipe will expand, causing a build-up of pressure. This pressure can be enough to rupture the pipe itself. It’s also important to be aware that issues relating to frozen pipes can occur regardless of what the pipes are made out of. Pipes that are in unheated interior areas such as garages, attics and basements are more susceptible to frozen pipes, but all pipes that are above ground, since vulnerable to the cold, can experience similar issues. However, this situation can easily be avoided, just by taking a few preventative steps.

Preventative measures to avoid frozen pipes

First, check the conditions of the pipes that are especially exposed to the cold. This will likely be your outdoor faucets. Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses so they won’t get damaged when the temperatures drop. Look for any other exposed pipes and cover them with insulation, heat tape or foam sleeves to protect them from any potential damage. It’s also worthwhile to add insulation to indoor areas that aren’t insulated such as attics and basements. In addition to retaining higher temperatures in these spaces, in the long run, this can prevent drafts and cracks, decreasing the pipes’ exposure to extremely low temperatures. Even something as simple as opening the sink cabinet doors to expose the pipes to warmer air from the rest of the house can make a big difference during extreme weather conditions outside. Contact us for more options on providing insulation for your pipelines. We are more than happy to discuss possible solutions for your home or business.

When the colder temperatures are about to kick in, make sure you check that your exposed pipes don’t have any leaks, cracks or holes. Cracks and holes can develop on the pipes if its insulation has weakened over time, and even a small crack can significantly increase the chances of the pipe freezing when exposed to extreme temperatures. Our experienced team members are capable of inspecting your pipes to make sure that they’re in good condition for extreme weather.

By taking these preventative measures, you will ensure that you save on energy costs, as well as potential plumbing costs by keeping your pipelines in perfect shape.

What to do if your pipes are frozen

A few signs that can indicate that your pipes are frozen is if the temperature outside is extremely low and there is no water or just a trickle of water coming out of your faucets. Another indicator is frost build up on any outdoor pipes that are exposed to the cold. If you’ve detected that your pipes are frozen, contact a plumber to inspect the pipes and provide appropriate solutions to thaw the pipelines and prevent any further damage.

Here at Sydney Blocked Drains and Pipe Relining, our team is highly experienced and here to help you find optimal solutions to keep your pipelines working efficiently at all times. To get started, contact us at 1300 403 201 or via our website.


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