Plumbing features to look for when buying a new house

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Plumbing features to look for when buying a new house


Buying a house is a costly investment in itself, and if the correct precautions aren’t taken, such as inspecting the plumbing systems that run through the house, it could end up costing you thousands more in repair costs in the future. Continue reading to find out about the main plumbing features that you need to look out for before closing the deal and making the big purchase.

Main sewer line

One of the first concerns is the condition of the main sewer line. This can easily be done by a professional plumber, since a camera can be used to get the job done. A camera can run through the sewer lines, helping identify any potential problem areas that need fixing or maintenance. This can often reveal issues such as tree roots interfering with the pipelines, any cracks in the pipes, corrosion and even clogs or near-clogs. All of these have potential to cause breakages or busts in the pipelines. Not only would this cause damage to the working pipe, but to surrounding pipes as well, so you are much safer getting the problem area dealt with sooner rather than later.  Our team at Sydney Blocked Drains and Pipe Relining is fully trained and experienced to inspect your pipes for you quickly and efficiently.

Walls and interiors

One of the obvious checks to do is to turn on the pipes. This includes the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower and bath. After letting the water flow, check if there is any moisture in the walls and ceilings where the pipes lay along. Simply touching the walls can sometimes be enough to gauge this – sometimes, the plaster won’t be lying flat against the wall, or it may be soft. These, in addition to any unusual stains on the walls, are definite signs that the walls in the room haven’t been properly waterproofed.

Kitchen pipes

Look specifically at the exposed pipes underneath the kitchen sink cabinet. Any leaks, stains, discolouration or odours could signify that the pipes are very old, or that there is a blockage or near-blockage in the pipes. When you turn the tap on, listen to see if there are any unusual noises coming from the pipes or the drains. This can also mean an internal issue to take care of, and you are much better dealing with the problem before it causes damage to your brand-new house. If you suspect that your pipes are blocked or damaged in any way, simply call one of our experienced plumbers to take care of the problem, so that we can deal with the problem, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Hot water system

The main thing to do here is to just check the age of the water tank. While most water tanks can be perfectly fine to use upwards of 10 years, depending on the design, quality, installation and maintenance, if it is more than 15 years old, you’re much better off getting a replacement.

For more information on plumbing precautions to take before buying a house, or to take care of any other plumbing needs, call Sydney Blocked Drains and Pipe Relining at 1300 403 201 or contact us via our website.

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