How to retrieve a flushed valuable item

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How to retrieve a flushed valuable item

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So, you have accidentally flushed something important down the toilet. Accidentally flushing small valuables, such as jewellery, is more common than you think. A ring or bracelet can easily slip off, and as you press the flush button, you see it escaping down the toilet. Is it gone forever? Not necessarily. Here is what you should do if you have accidentally flushed a precious item.

Firstly, do not use the toilet again until the situation has been resolved. If the item has not descended down the pipes yet, a second flush will send it that way, never to be seen again. Not flushing a second time greatly increased your chances of recovering the lost valuable. As to using the toilet without flushing in the meantime, this would not be advisable because it would make the process of retrieving your item much more unpleasant.
Before taking further action, investigate to see if the item has actually been flushed. It could actually be sitting at the bottom of the toilet bowl. Have as good a look as you can – hopefully you will find it at this stage. It would not be a good idea to use a stick or brush to poke around the unseen areas in the hope of locating your item, just in case you force it down the drain.

If you do not locate your valuable item at this stage, it is time to call in a plumber for a closer look. The good news is we at Sydney Blocked Drains are available around the clock for all sorts of plumbing emergencies. If you have dropped your priceless ring into the toilet at midnight, do not despair – just give us a call on 1300 403 201. We also have a $0 call out fee, so you only pay for the services and parts that you need.

When your plumber arrives, the first thing they will do is dismantle the toilet to see if your precious item is stuck somewhere, having not been fully flushed. They will remove the toilet, inspecting the area for your valuable. If it can be found at this stage, that is great news. You will have your item back (after a thorough clean) and the toilet can be put back together fairly quickly and easily.

If your item is nowhere to be seen, that still does not mean it is gone forever. If it is of high value, whether monetary or sentimental, there are other options for its recovery. We often use CCTV drain cameras in our work to see inside damaged or blocked pipes. In the case of missing jewellery, we are able to insert our drain camera to identify where the missing item is. If we can see it, we will employ our expertise and various methods to get it out. There are some cases in which valuable items are not recoverable, but you will never know until you call in an expert to investigate.

You can get in contact with us at Sydney Blocked Drains for all of your plumbing needs. Simply give us a call or get in contact though our website, providing some details on what you require. We offer a comprehensive suite of plumbing and drain repair services throughout Sydney and surrounding areas.

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