5 Easy Tips to Unblock Your Kitchen Sink

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5 Easy Tips to Unblock Your Kitchen Sink


It will forever be a homeowner’s nightmare to see that their kitchen drains are blocked; with this sight, it could cause you a headache that would ruin your day. But have no fear; you can deal with your blocked kitchen drains in no time. All it takes are tons of patience, your trusty rubber gloves, and commitment to tackle this feat like a pro.


1. Make your own biodegradable drain cleaner.

Most homeowners depend on using chemical drain cleaning options once they find out that their drains are blocked. Using chemical drain cleaners to clear your pipes could be harmful to your eyes, skin and respiratory system. These chemical solutions can also lead to the breakage of your PVC pipes and even damage your old metal pipes. 

As an alternative, there are easy-to-make biodegradable options to unblock your drains which can be found in your kitchen cabinet that will be safer for you and your pipes. You can use a combination of baking soda and vinegar to clear the blockage. 

Vinegar is effective at cutting grease, and baking soda causes a reaction with vinegar that bubbles up and removes blockages in the pipes. Just pour a small amount of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar to clear out the residues stuck in your drains. 


2. Use a cup plunger.

If the first step doesn’t work, try getting hold of your handy cup plunger. Make sure you use the small plunger for the sink, not the toilet plunger. You must make a tight suction or seal around the drain to use it. 

Then plunge it into the sink until the suction clears the blockage. The plunger would help solve the problem, and you can easily use your sink again. You can purchase your standard cup plunger from your local hardware store.


3. Use a wire coat hanger.

You may also try using a wire coat clothes hanger if you don’t have a plumber snake tool at home. It can clear some blockage in hard-to-reach areas, but this won’t reach as far as the plumber snake tool.

You need to insert the straightened wire hanger into the kitchen drain to be able to push through and pull out any blockages. Handle your wire hanger gently while pulling out any blockages because it may scratch the lining of your pipes. Also, be sure to have your trash bin on standby to remove the debris you will be pulling out from your drains.


4. Be mindful of what you throw into your kitchen sink drain.

Blocked kitchen sink drains are not uncommon. But it is better to be able to prevent this stressful situation by being mindful of what you throw into your kitchen sink drain. 

Avoid throwing in ingredients that would do more harm to your kitchen sink drains, like oils, flour, coffee grounds and the like. Coffee grounds expand in your drains when thrown in and oils eventually congeal in your pipes that cause stubborn blockages. You would be surprised as to how common ingredients in your home causes this blocked drain headache for homeowners. Be aware not to commit this avoidable mistake.


5. Check and clean the P-Trap of your sink pipe.

The P-trap is a curved part of your kitchen sink pipe, usually seen inside the cabinet. Clearing and cleaning the kitchen’s drain P-Trap is vital to remove the blockages on your sink. 

  • First, you need to place a bucket underneath to catch all the water or dirt from the pipes.
  • Second, unfasten the P-Trap from the drainpipe and remove anything stuck inside it.
  • Third, put back the P-trap correctly and ensure that you have adequately tightened it.
  • Last, open the tap and run warm water to the pipes to check if it’s returned and if there are no clogs left.

These are the five easy tips to unblock your clogged kitchen sink drains at home. Knowing what to do whenever there are blockages like such could help you quickly do a DIY solution to your common household problem. But if, in any case, should such easy-to-do tips won’t suffice, then it is best to call your trusted licensed professionals to help you with it.

At some point over the lifespan of your property, blocked drains happen. With awareness and good common sense of these tips in mind, you will be able to unclog them, have the confidence to tackle them immediately & prevent them from occurring and if you need someone to unblock your drains. If all else fails, call us at 1300 403 201

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