The Secrets Out!
The Secrets Out!
The Secrets Out!
The Secrets Out!

Are blocked drains causing you headaches and draining your wallet? We’re about to let you in on the plumbing industry’s best-kept secret…

Introducing The One, The Only, The Incredible – Purple Plunger!

This unassuming yet highly effective tool has been a closely guarded gem among plumbers for decades. It’s their go-to solution for tackling most household blockages, and now it’s your turn to wield its power.

The best part? You don’t need to search far and wide or break the bank to get your hands on it. You can find this secret weapon right at your local Bunnings store.

I know what you’re thinking right, what’s so special about this purple plunger apart from looking really weird.

The design of this plunger enables the wielder to generate more pressure to free even the most stubborn blockages that a regular plunger just can’t handle.

But here’s a little advice – when you start using it, keep this secret to yourself. Your plumber doesn’t need to know where you got this valuable knowledge.

Say goodbye to blockages, hello to savings, and welcome the purple plunger into your plumbing toolkit.


Available 24/7 $0 CALL-OUT FEE!

If you have a drainage problem, blockage or require a Drain Expert to diagnose your drain giving you the best solution, call Sydney Blocked Drains.

We’re your reliable local 24 hour plumber in Sydney, ready for emergency clearing of blocked drains and needed repairs.

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