Health problems caused by blocked drains

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Health problems caused by blocked drains


Blocked drains must be addressed quickly, or they will soon become much more than a plumbing problem. You may be surprised to hear that blocked drains can have detrimental impacts on the health of you and your family. At Sydney Blocked Drains, we are able to offer an expedient service so you are not exposed to serious health hazards in your home.


Some of the initial warning signs of a blocked drain – such as slow drainage down the sink – are mildly inconvenient, but not dangerous. However, if allowed to persist, the situation can rapidly worsen. The most well known health hazard caused by blocked drains is back up of effluent. If liquids are coming up through your drains and into your home, you have an issue which must be dealt with immediately. As this sewerage water carries many dangerous bacteria and pathogens, it is imperative to avoid exposure. Young children are particularly susceptible to the illnesses which can be caused by sewerage. If you notice this occurring in your home, an urgent call is needed. At Sydney Blocked Drains, we have a 24/7 call out service so you are able to get on top of the problem immediately, even if it is out of hours. We do not charge a call out fee, so you pay only for the repairs that you need.


Another risk of blocked drains is it may force water to accumulate in one area. Blocked drains, when extremely severe, can even result in leaks in your pipes, which may then be let out in your walls or in your garden. A stagnant pool of water functions as a breeding ground for many bugs and bacteria, and creates a friendly environment for mould growth. Any one of these organisms can cause infectious diseases, allergies and other health problems for us hapless humans. As well as being a serious health hazard, leaks can cause an immense amount of damage in a short time, running up a very costly repair bill in some cases.


It is advisable to address any plumbing issues as they arise. Where liquids are involved, there is always going to be a need for proper maintenance and repairs as needed. Usually, plumbing repairs are not something that you can postpone until a more convenient time. If you suspect you have a blocked drain, give us a call at Sydney Blocked Drains to investigate the issue. We are able to diagnose plumbing problems which are not immediately visible, due to our use of a CCTV drain camera to get into areas we could not otherwise visualise. It can be difficult to know what is going on with your plumbing without bringing in an expert for a thorough investigation of the problem. Keep in mind that water can be quite destructive if it is in the wrong places, so some plumbing issues need to be fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage, expense and risk in your home. Preventative maintenance can also help identify issues early and fix them before they have the chance to wreak havoc.


If you need to get in touch with us, we are here around the clock for your drain emergencies. You can call us on 1300 403 201, or leave a message through the Sydney Blocked Drains website contact form.


Health problems caused by blocked drains
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Patrick Noone

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Patrick Noone is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the plumbing industry, with a particular focus on blocked drains. As the director of Sydney Blocked Drains, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every job he undertakes.

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