CCTV Drain Camera

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CCTV Drain Camera

Our CCTV drain camera inspections ensure that we’re in complete control and allow us to work in delicate situations

Are you having issues with your plumbing? At Sydney Blocked Drains, we have a long history of providing top quality expert services on all manner of sewerage and drain problems.

We are proud to offer the use of CCTV drain cameras for properties in North Shore and beyond. Our high tech equipment allows us to expertly diagnose and treat the problems within your sewerage system. This circumvents the problem of years past where you could never really be sure about the nature of your plumbing problem without digging up the area.

We specialise in non invasive techniques to investigate and repair sewerage system issues, minimising disruption to your life and impact on your home. By using the latest technology, we are able to offer a top tier of service for those seeking to identify and fix their plumbing problems.


We find that many people are unfamiliar with the use of CCTV drain cameras in North Shore, especially if it has been a long time since they have undertaken major plumbing repairs. Recent plumbing technology advancements allow us to offer a more precise and efficient way to determine the cause of drain problems. 


The principle of the CCTV drain camera is simple, but the impact is profound. By inserting a small, flexible camera into the drain, we are able to see exactly what is going on inside your property’s pipes. The high definition picture sent through the drain camera provides us with a full and accurate understanding of the problem.

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CCTV Drain Camera

Once we have determined your issue, it is easy for us to recommend the repair that will solve your problem once and for all. Whereas in the past, plumbers might have tried a range of strategies because they simply could not be sure exactly what or where the problem was. 


The beauty of the CCTV drain camera in North Shore is that it removes this element of uncertainty and therefore the inefficiency of attempting repairs that are not targeted. This allows you to avoid spending money on guesswork solutions that may or may not solve your issue. Our technologies allow a more efficient and economical form of sewerage repairs.


We also use our CCTV drain camera technique to determine if a repair has been successful and has resolved all issues. Typically when we perform a pipe relining, before we leave we will inspect the pipes using our CCTV drain camera to verify that everything has worked as it should. 

We can also provide CCTV drain camera inspections for other repairs or scenarios upon request. For example, if you have an older house and anticipate that there may be some drain problems down the road even though you have not yet experienced slow drainage or other warning signs, you could consider having a CCTV drain camera inspection to verify if your pipes are in good condition and to determine any maintenance or minor repairs that need to take place. Get in touch with us for more information about services and rates.


To obtain further information about the use of a CCTV drain camera in North Shore, or to book an appointment with us, contact Sydney Blocked Drains on 1300 628 084. This is our all hours number that can be used for call outs outside of business hours. 


If you do not require a call out, you may prefer to get in touch with us through email on service@sydneysblockeddrains.com.au or by leaving a written message through the contact form available on our website. Please provide your contact details and some information about your enquiry, and someone will contact you soon.

CCTV Drain Camera
At Sydney Blocked Drains, we are well equipped to diagnose and repair any issues affecting the functioning of your property’s sewerage system. We find that in Sydney, our use of a CCTV drain camera allows us to provide optimal service to determine the cause of drain problems.

If you have experienced problems with your plumbing in the past, you may have experienced the frustration of being unable to determine the site of the blockage or breakage.

You may even have had experiences with professionals who struggle to diagnose the problem, resulting in repair attempts being a wild goose chase. Now that we have a CCTV drain camera for our Sydney services, we are able to offer a superior technique to definitively determine the source of your sewerage system’s woes.

By using a camera, we are able to lay eyes on the problem and know exactly the extent of the problem. In many cases, we can even go beyond the initial blockage to find if there are any additional issues in the nearby pipes.

An inspection with a CCTV drain camera is not only for when you have a problem. You can consider having regular inspections as part of your annual home maintenance, particularly if you are aware that your pipes are getting old and there are well established trees in the area that might cause damage with their roots.

Proactive inspections with a CCTV drain camera allows Sydney residents to feel confident that their sewerage systems are in good working order. It is often cheaper to address a problem, such as a blockage or a crack, when it is small rather than wait for it to develop enough to cause obvious symptoms in your home.

Another time when you may be interested in an inspection with a CCTV drain camera in Sydney is when you are purchasing a property. As part of the checks you would have performed before you make your investment, you should have a full investigation of the sewerage system.

This is essential for older homes, but keep in mind that even newer homes can have issues with blockages. An inspection by an expert with a CCTV drain camera will put your mind at ease, or if there is an issue, will give you more information to make your decision and on which to base your negotiation.

Using a CCTV drain camera gives you certainty about the problems your drainage system is harbouring and allows us to recommend the most targeted and effective solutions for your drain problems.

We are very experienced at treating blockages and performing pipe relining – our alternative to pipe replacement – to get your home back to good working order.

We are happy to provide you with more information about our services including the use of a CCTV drain camera in Sydney. To speak with us, simply call on 1300 403 201. We can be reached around the clock for all kinds of plumbing emergencies. We can also be contacted through the form available on our website.

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