5 Christmas Drain Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known Earlier

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5 Christmas Drain Tips You’ll Wish You Had Known Earlier

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The holiday season brings joy, celebration, and an increased load on your home’s plumbing and drainage system. With the influx of guests and the busy kitchen, your drains work overtime. Preparing them in advance can help prevent unwanted emergencies and keep your festive spirits high.

1. Drain Preparation

Start by inspecting and preparing your drains. Increased usage from guests can turn minor blockages into major problems. A pre-holiday check-up can prevent potential issues. Schedule an inspection to fix minor problems before they escalate​​.

2. Mindful Disposal of Leftovers

Encourage proper disposal of food waste. Inform your guests that not all leftovers should go down the drain, as some can cause severe blockages. Use sink strainers to catch food particles and dispose of them in the trash or compost​.

3. Grease Management

Grease is a major threat to your plumbing. It solidifies in the pipes, leading to blockages. Instead of pouring grease down the drain, dispose of it in a can or bag in the trash​.

4. Bathroom Trash Bins

Place a small trash bin next to the sink or toilet. Educate your guests to use these bins for items like cotton swabs, makeup removing wipes, feminine hygiene products, etc., instead of flushing them, which can cause blockages​.

5. Shower Drain Covers

With more guests, the use of showers and baths increases, raising the risk of hair blockages. Install drain covers in your bathrooms to catch hair and prevent blockages. Remember to clean these covers regularly​.

Keep these savvy tips in mind to steer clear of drain dilemmas this Christmas! Remember, prevention is your best ally against blocked drains during the festive season.

But, if you find yourself facing a stubborn blockage, don’t fret – we’re here to help.

Just a call away, Sydney Blocked Drains is ready to rescue your holiday cheer.

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Let’s ensure your Christmas celebrations are free-flowing and merry!

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