4 Ways to Care for Your Drains During Spring

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4 Ways to Care for Your Drains During Spring


Winter has passed, and the beauty of Spring continues to bloom all across the country. You might have seen problems in your plumbing system earlier this Spring, like potentially broken pipes and other end-of-winter issues you couldn’t solve when they happened. 

But did you know that many other plumbing setbacks could appear at the height of the warmer weather?


Here are the ways to care for your drains during Spring:

1. Check your drains for blockages, leaks or drips.

The most common signs are blocked drains, water flowing in places that shouldn’t, gurgling sounds and, for others, the dreaded foul odours. We all know that these are the usual suspects to the issues in your drains. As a responsible homeowner, you must be mindful if your drainage and pipes are working correctly to avoid worsening any issues in your home, no matter the season.

Immediate repair with the help of your well-trained plumber for your potential blockages, leaks or drips will easily save you money and the headache of having to do emergency repairs at home instead of just enjoying the beautiful Spring outdoors with your family. 


2. Inspect the Roof and exterior of your home.

Spring cleaning is best done not only inside our homes but also outside. Ensure that your yard drains, downpipes and gutters are well maintained, cleaned, and debris-free. To be sure that water can run freely down the drains during the winter months, clear out everything from dried leaves to twigs and other debris that accumulate on your roof and in your outdoor area. You can use strainers/filters to prevent leaves and debris from blocking the drains. 


3. Care for your water supply valves.

Low water pressure could signify a leak or another plumbing issue. You need to check all the taps on your property and outside by running them on hot and cold water. There are water supply valves used to control the water flow. These valves are a big help because a licensed plumber can perform a repair on a particular pipe by turning a portion off and not affecting the whole property. 

Make sure to occasionally turn the valves, so they don’t become too stiff. You can ensure this by turning them towards the “off” position and then on again so they don’t get stuck. To maintain your water heater tank’s safety and optimal function, you need to have it tested annually with a professional drain specialist.

Another thing you can do is to pull the lever of the valve with utmost care to see if the excess water channels through the overflow tube. You will know it works well if the valve controls excess water pressure in the tank. If they seem lower than usual, it is best to call a professional plumber to check the situation.


4. Drain the water heater.

Sediments can accumulate in your hot water system over time. This leads to corrosion and, in the long run, reduces the efficiency of your heater. You can avoid sediment build-up; carefully drain a few litres of water from the heater. Double-check if the water temperature is in the correct setting; remember that it should be 70 degrees Celsius. This temperature kills harmful bacteria and is warm enough to avoid scalding. 

Proper maintenance and care for your property are a must, especially since these are one of your life’s investments. Enjoying it last, season after season is a good marker that your property is well taken care of. Our blocked drain specialists can help you with any of your blocked drain concerns. If all else fails, call us at 1300 403 201

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Patrick Noone

Director of Sydney Blocked Drains

Patrick Noone is a highly skilled and experienced professional in the plumbing industry, with a particular focus on blocked drains. As the director of Sydney Blocked Drains, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every job he undertakes.

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